Greetings from the Poconos, plus new album review

Well, since I can't send all of you a postcard, and my camera has had a critical lens error for the last 6 days, let me describe to you the view this morning: clear skies, vast soft rolling mountain ranges that hang like a misty plum backdrop behind little mountain towns in valleys where kids still apparently get up at 7 am to play baseball in local diamonds; the sun is adding a bright petina to everything, lighting the local bakeries like such enticing beacons of joy that I feel like stopping and buying a donut from each of them.

(Ha, actually, as fate would have it, I can show you exactly what I would look like if I had eaten a donut from each of them...here's the picture that was taken of me yesterday using the fat booth app; thanks LJ. :)


Anyway, after a sobering trip to NYC, I headed to Princeton, NJ and had a marvelous time, recharging my batteries with my dear friends Laura and Pam and a couple of friendly labradors.  Princeton was completely in bloom, magnolia blossoms everywhere and folks walking down the intoxicatingly quaint main streets in their shirtsleeves. From there I headed to Pennsylvania, stopping along the way for a phone interview with the Youngstown Trib, and then an on-air radio spot with WNTA in the afternoon (thanks Jimmy!).  I rolled into Pittston last night around 7:30 pm, went to a fun joint called Pazzo for a big dinner and quickly got to talking about horse racing with the folks at the bar (I'm apparently really near the downs; Buck, best of luck to team Chester this week man).


Last night's radio spot on Pennsylvania's NPR station wasn't live like I thought it would be; it was actually a recording session which will be aired in mid-April.  Regardless, it was excellent.  Radio veteran and savant George Graham and station intern Ian met me at the door, walked me through the magical world of Sesame Street (the local TV operates from the same station), then into a small theatre with a Steinway all mic-ed up and a ready to record.  I flipped out a bit.  I think I played about 11 tunes, 5 on my banjo.  Really cool experience, and I'll let you know when the segment airs.


I'm on about 5 hours of sleep and have to split to head towards NYC for tonight's show in the Village with Jillian.  But also wanted you to see that Americana UK gave Ghosts a good review!  I love this website and check it often, and it means a lot to have a good write-up.  You can read it here.


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